Borderlands 2 Mod tool xbox 360

Mod Your gaming Experience presents this video description: “I REMADE THIS TUTORIAL AND MAKE IT WAY EASIER WATCH THIS GUYS- You need Python 2.7.3 Horizon UPDATE-xbox save to pc “python -m “” –little-endian console.sav pc.sav” -PC to Xbox save “python -m “” pc.sav console.sav” CMD Comands 1.type “cd \borderlands2″ ENTER 2.type “c:\python27\” followed by the codes in the description 3.Once you have something like this”c:\python27\python -m backpack=27 SaveGame.sav newModdedsave.sav hit enter and then you have modded your save “python -m eridium=99 old.sav new.sav” sets the eridium to what you want max is 99 “python -m itemlevels old.sav new.sav” sets all inventory to your current level “python -m itemlevels=20 old.sav new.sav” sets inventory to a custom level of your choice eg 50 “python -m backpack=27 old.sav new.sav” sets the size of your backpack “python -m unlocks=slaughterdome old.sav new.sav” unlocks the slaughter dlc arena “python -m level=12,skillpoints=250,money=1234,eridium=99,itemlevels SaveGame.sav newmodded.sav” this is how you do more than one at once”

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